About Us

Spectra is a Managed Services company that was founded in January 2014. We provide informational and operational technology management and consulting to the business community in the Uintah Basin and beyond.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of STRATA Networks and add value to the connected business community by leveraging their link to the internet. We provide and support various on-site and hosted solutions tailored to our customer’s needs. Our team of seasoned professionals is a diverse team with 50 years of combined experience. We have the expertise to provide quality and efficiency to manage your business technology from the field to the office.


Together with our established network of partners, we strive to bring you the best technology and services for your business.

Dell Partnered with Spectra
Xetawave Partnered with Spectra
Meraki Partnered with Spectra
Verkada Partnered with Spectra
Polycom Partnered with Spectra
Milestone Partnered with Spectra
Freewave Partnered with Spectra
Shure Partnered with Spectra

Contact Us

Operating hours are 8am - 5pm, Monday through Friday.

281 E 200 N Roosevelt, UT
2276 W Hwy 40 Vernal, UT