Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is a crucial system that maintains efficiency, processes data, and communicates issues to help mitigate downtime using cutting-edge instrumentation and secure communication networks that enable remote monitoring.

Spectra provides an extensive selection of automation solutions.

  • Wellhead Automation

    Maximize your production efficiency with gas lift, plunger lift, and pump control systems. Spectra’s custom adaptive algorithms can dynamically adjust the cycling of your plunger to optimize performance, while operators can easily make manual adjustments or use the Human Machine Interface (HMI).

  • Oil & Gas Level Detection

    Prevent overflow and enhance your processes using level detection technology. Spectra offers a variety of level detection solutions, such as separation control, pump control, shut-ins, and chemical injection control, among others, to help you leverage the benefits of this technology.

  • Chemical Injection Systems

    Efficiently monitor multiple chemical tank levels and inventories while simultaneously optimizing chemical injection rates to reduce chemical costs and enhance production performance. With Spectra’s advanced technology, you can streamline your chemical injection process and maximize the benefits of chemical usage.

  • Well Pad & Surface Control

    Spectra offers a comprehensive pad control solution, which can effectively manage both surface and down-hole equipment, utilizing advanced programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Our modular and scalable PLC systems can accommodate diverse communication protocols and application requirements, providing optimal control for your operations.

  • Facility & PLC Access Control

    Verkada’s cloud-based Access Control system configures instantly with easy-to-install hardware that enables you to regulate access to rooms, buildings, and enclosures while also providing alarms and lockdown capabilities to deter unauthorized entry or operations. This comprehensive security solution allows you to secure your facility by implementing user credentials from your single sign-on system, access card readers, audits, and reports to monitor and track employee access. Add air quality sensors to ensure safe environments and optimize building performance. Monitor indoor spaces for changes in air quality conditions such as pollution, allergens, chemicals, and more. Have a record of complying with OSHA and EPA regulations and reduce the time required for audits. Pair the sensors with cameras for additional context.


SCADA Hosting

Revolutionize Industrial Control and Monitoring with HMI Software and Real-Time Data Analysis

    • ✓ Control industrial processes locally or remotely.
    • ✓ Collect, analyze, and act on real-time data.
    • ✓ Utilize human-machine interface (HMI) software to interact with various devices such as sensors, pumps, valves, motors, and more.
    • Maintain a log file of all events.
  • ✓ Supports software hosting on multiple platforms, including Wonderware, Ignition, VT SCADA, and OPA.


Boost Efficiency with Advanced Measurement Tech

Accurate measurement is crucial for effective management, and with advanced technology, you can now monitor production levels and detect H2S from any location, enabling you to take prompt action. To stay ahead of the competition, precision in measurements is vital for maintaining efficiency and ensuring business success. Gone are the days of Barton charts and manual record-keeping, so it’s essential to keep up with the latest measurement technologies.

In highly competitive industries, precise measurements and controls can lead to significant benefits, especially when operating at scale. With advanced instrumentation and secure communication networks, remote monitoring from any location is possible, allowing for efficient management.


Leak Detections

Gas Analysis


Inventory Control


Dependable Electrical Solutions

The performance of most systems and operations relies heavily on a dependable electrical system that prioritizes safety. At Spectra, we have licensed electricians in the State of Utah to carry out all necessary electrical work for your project, regardless of size or complexity. Our expertise spans from small-scale single-well locations to extensive industrial subcontracting.

We possess comprehensive knowledge of electrical instrumentation, ranging from batteries and solar panels to high-voltage equipment such as pumps, drives, and VFDs, as well as pressure and temperature transmitters, ensuring the optimal functionality of your industrial, control, automation, and measurement applications.

Spectra Partners with OleumTech to Distribute Industry-Leading Wireless Automation Solutions

We are a Tier 1 distributor for OleumTech, the primary source of wireless automation solutions for industrial applications that include process monitoring, data acquisition, and control systems. OleumTech’s technology is widely adopted, with more than 500,000 transmitters and 50,000 networks already deployed worldwide, and the number is continually increasing.

We take pride in being a Tier 1 distributor of OleumTech, offering superior wireless instrumentation that elevates industry standards. OleumTech’s adaptable products boost performance levels in various sectors, including oil and gas, refining, petrochemical, IoT industries, water/wastewater, and other industries, enabling companies to expand their operations and minimize expenses related to monitoring, trenching, conduits, wiring, and other aspects.

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