Wireless Communications

From low bandwidth SCADA communications to high-speed microwave backhaul, our certified technicians and engineers can design and provide a solution that fits your needs.

Dedicated internet circuits delivered over microwave, field wi-fi hot spots, field telemetry and tower construction are just a few ways we can help you get connected to your business.

We design, engineer and implement wireless propagation solutions to fit your needs. We also provide heat mapping services to help troubleshoot and improve your network.

Field Telemetry from Spectra

Field Site Telemetry

Your information in the field is important to you. Let us provide insight to production data, remote site control and environmental monitoring and save you unnecessary trips to the field.

Microwave Backhaul

Today's environment demands high capacity bandwidth to sites far beyond traditional coverage. We offer a wide range of microwave backhaul solutions from licensed to unlicensed microwave radios with a capacity of 2Gbps+.

Field WiFi from Spectra

Field Wi‑Fi

Internet connection is more imperative than ever. Provide your employees and operation with Wi‑Fi hotspots at any location.

Tower Construction

Our engineers and experienced staff provide custom tower solutions to fit your needs. Our company has 50+ years in tower construction and trained staff certified in tower climb and rescue.

Field WiFi from Spectra

Wireless Technology

Wireless technology can be used to tap into an existing SCADA network and pull data out—or push data in tactically—without disturbing the existing operation.