AV and Cabling

Network Cabling

Network cabling, that your business runs on, needs to be more than just a tangle of wires. Old or poorly installed cables can have a huge impact on your productivity and your ability to expand your business. If your cabling isn't holding up to your business needs, let Spectra help install, evaluate, and upgrade your network cabling.

Security Cameras

Video surveillance in the workplace protects both the company and its employees. Spectra offers security surveillance systems for small businesses and large multi-site organizations alike.

  • Protect the company from vandalization or stolen property.
  • Protect your employees from abuse or harassment from customers.
  • Increase your productivity by monitoring performance areas that need improvement.
  • Keep customer records and avoid fraudulent charges.

Let Spectra help protect your business.

Spectra Access Control

Access Control

The possibility of this happening to you today is far greater than it was years ago. Keys can be lost, stolen, or copied, increasing the chance of theft. Control who has access to your building - and when they have that access - with our most secure, convenient, flexible, and cost-effective access control solution.

Access Control Features:

Managed Alarm

Initiate emergency lockdown, selectively integrate intruder and fire alarms, and customize secure zones.