Operational Technology

Virtually every market has been touched by advances in technology, and Spectra can provide the technologies your business needs in order to thrive. From the office to the field, our trained and experienced technicians can help give your business the technological edge needed to succeed. Your industrial or field operations could be made safer, more efficient, and more productive in a variety of ways.


We understand, and can help your company comply with various monitoring regulations from the EPA, such as the electronic monitoring requirements for natural gas. Our technicians are trained and licensed in accordance with State and Federal laws, and we are a Utah State licensed electrical contractor.


Monitor inventory and the flow of resources to prevent spills or venting. This technology can help avoid costly fines and prevent you from wasting resources.


Your employees are your greatest asset, and their safety is undoubtedly your top concern. SCADA monitoring and control technologies can help prevent accidents by tracking inventory and controlling the surrounding environment. You can even deploy systems like an automatic fire extinguisher on locations.


Allocate your valuable manpower to where it’s needed the most by keeping an eye on production, inventory, and equipment status without traveling to a location.

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